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We encourage indie artists to submit their music for blog post consideration. Please understand that with the high level of email that we receive on a daily basis that we will review your material in the order that it’s received so we ask for your patience. In order to ensure a better possibility of being featured please be sure to see the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

  • Subject of email should start with “Music Submission:” and include artist name and song or album title. This helps us to filter out spam from legit submissions.
  • You may submit a maximum of 1 song per submission.
  • Song submissions must be a Youtube or SoundCloud link, anything else will be ignored.
  • Songs are reviewed weekly by our staff.
  • DO INCLUDE a short bio and a description about your music submission.
  • DO INCLUDE any artist photo or music artwork that relates to the submission.
  • DO INCLUDE your social media links so that supporters can reach you.
  • DO NOT submit the same SONG over and over. Duplicate content will be deleted by our system.
  • NO FREESTYLES, if possible, original music is highly preferred.
  • Any attempts to SPAM our system will result in automatic disqualification and banned accounts.
  • DO NOT add our email to any newsletter.
  • We DO NOT accept submissions from the following file sharing websites: Zshare, Sharebee, limelinx, Rapidshare, etc.

We reserve the right to repost your music video submission to our official youtube page. If you do not wish for us to invoke our right to repost your music video submission on our youtube page please DO NOT submit your video. Submitting your video to our email will be deemed as your agreement to our terms of use. See our terms of use for more info.

All submissions are to be sent to submission[dot]indiehiphop247[at]gmail[dot]com.  Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we receive, we can only promise that we do our best to give each and everyone one of the submissions the attention that they deserve. With that being said, it is impossible for us to reply to each email.  If you would like guaranteed site placement please ask us about our paid promotional services.

Thank you for your interest in IndieHiphop 24/7. We look forward to hearing your music.

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